Project Espresso

Project Espresso


The start


Coffee machine

Saeco Aroma


Coffee Grinder

Cunill – Brasil

The burrs of the grinder.

The top fixed part of the burr on the left. The burr is fixed onto a thread that fits into the base plate on the right. Turing left or right this fixed part will bring it closer or further from the moving burr essentially setting the grind size. The spring on the bottom right of the photo, that normally has a bit of plastic on top, is what prevents the fixed part from turning on its own during operation.

The moving burr with base plate removed for cleaning. There is a hole on the right where the ground coffee should exit.




  • Grinding timer

Project Processes

Grinding Timer
  1. Rewired the timer as the display and the time adjuster potentiometer came soldered to the PCB.Project-Espresso-1-ElGatoGuiri
  2. Made the wiring nice and neat with a bit of tape. Also prepared the trigger button and its wire.Project-Espresso-2-ElGatoGuiri
  3. Cut the holes on the grinder for the display, knob and trigger button. Cutting rectangles is harder than it looks.Project-Espresso-4-ElGatoGuiri
  4. Connected the wires then glued everything together with a hot glue gun. Sinking the potentiometer was the hardest bit as the threaded part just as long as the width of the plastic.Project-Espresso-5-ElGatoGuiri
  5. The end results are pretty good. Practice makes it better.Project-Espresso-6-ElGatoGuiri
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